The Second Edition-Changes Are Coming

Okay, there are a lot of changes going on over here in Fringolia. One of them is the upcoming second editions of Myrick volumes 1 and 2 and Delroy Versus the Yshtari. Myrick 1 is already up and the Kindle version can be found on Amazon. The print version will hopefully be up soon. These changes are exciting, but also scary, since I am now leaping into the self-publishing world.

There were some changes made with the publisher and so I had to rerelease them myself. They were originally released through Big World Network, who I loved to write for, but it became too expensive of a project to keep running. I’ll miss writing for Jim, Amanda, and Mario but I understand the need to cut their losses. At the same time, Big World may soon be running under new leadership so let’s hope that works out.

Next month, I’ll release the second editions of Delroy Versus the Yshtari and Myrick Volume 2. After that, my next projects will be to get the audio up on Audible and to publish my other three Big World stories: Delroy Versus the Pirates of Poughkeepsie, Myrick Volume 3, and A Sidekick’s Secrets to Saving the City. That’s a lot of work and I’m sure it will take me well into next year. Right now, I’m not working on any new material though I do have a sequel to Sidekick that is sitting and waiting for more edits and rewrites. I have plenty of other ideas and projects on the back burner, I just don’t know when I’ll be able to get to them all.

I’m also relaunching my website. For one reason, I changed providers. I also had some malware that had snuck onto my old site, so here’s a chance to start fresh. Of course, I don’t really know what I’m doing yet when it comes to setting up websites, so I guess I’ll learn, eh? In the near future, I plan to put up some of my stories, old and new, with text and audio, kinda like how we used to do it on Big World. Hopefully, I’ll also figure out how to set up a way to sell my autographed books directly through this site. It’s challenging, though, because of the ‘old dog, new tricks’ thing.

So, stay tuned, stay patient, and stay cool.


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