Local Writers and You Event Tomorrow


Okay, I decided to do NaNoWriMo after all. I’ve pretty much done it before but I’ve never been officially enrolled until now. So, I signed up on the site and am entering my word counts. I’ve also entered information about my past projects but I haven’t done much else with it.

The main thing coming up tomorrow is the Local Writers and You event at the Viridian Event Center in West Jordan. I’ll have a table there, along with dozens of other local Utah authors, and will be doing my presentation on ‘A Serious Look at Comedy’ at 1. The event actually starts at 12 since they added some more classes. It ends at 5. But it should be a fun event and give people a chance to talk to authors and learn from them. Of course, I would love to sell lots of books but I’m mainly going for a chance to interact with others and help anyone who is looking for advice on the writing craft. So, please, search me out and ask you questions on writing. I’ll either give you a wise answer or make something up on the spot.

Also this week, I’ve added the first part of Princess and the Privy along with the audio. It officially is up today, though it’s been up for the last week as I was testing things out to see if they would work. I’ll put the next part up next Friday. Ish.

As far as NaNo, so far so good. I’ve got over 11,000 words on Jaysan and the Jazz Monkeys. Since I have a rough outline, I haven’t had too many snags as of yet. The nice thing about the outline is it is allowing my mind to improve upon the storyline as I go. Still, my tendency to be a pantser has added some things that I hadn’t planned on, like an emotional break down scene for when Jaysan has to deal with the death of his father. And this is supposed to be a comedy, too. I don’t know if that scene will survive the edits, but it did add some interesting elements to the story that I hadn’t thought of.

So for those of you doing NaNoWriMo, good luck.

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