Doctor Strange

It’s tough keeping up with this and writing NaNoWriMo. It’s going well though.

I mainly wanted to put my quick review up of Doctor Strange. I know I’m a little late but I couldn’t get out and see it when it first came out. But I give it two big toes up. I enjoyed it and thought it was a fairly well-put-together movie. I don’t know much about the Doctor Strange mythos but I was able to follow the story pretty well and things were well laid out in the plot. It didn’t have as much humor as some of the other Disney/Marvel movies but it still had a decent amount.

My biggest complaint was that sometimes I had a hard time understanding the actors speech. It was like they were mumbling. This was also the first movie I’ve gone to to see the IMAX 3D. I’m not sure if it was worth the extra price over regular 3D or not. Some of the building-twisting scenes were pretty cool in this format and made me feel a little vertigo (in a good way) which was cool. Most of the story, though, didn’t really benefit from the extra dimension or the size. It still might be worth seeing in some form of 3D, though. Still, the only 3D movie I really enjoyed the 3D in was Avatar. I felt that was much more immersive.

Overall, it’s a good film. There is some language and some medical stuff that might make some people squeamish in the beginning (after the hand surgery). My biggest fear during the brain surgery scenes was that I would get to see a bloody brain in IMAX 3D but it didn’t happen. They kept it pretty safe and only showed a few bloody bandages and x-rays.

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