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Wannabe scam artist and space captain Delroy has more to worry about than his outdated butler bot. He falls in love with the female bounty hunter Stella and ends up getting caught by the Yshtari, a race of lobster-like beings. Delroy has to use his skills to save Stella and other prisoners, and also find a way to avert a devastating war with the Yshtari, who are intent on turning the human race into their next meal.

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Myrick, the self-proclaimed Magnificent has to round up a group to rescue the king from an evil necromancer. He takes his friends Nut-boy, Princess Frederica, Nonac the barbarian and Lord Korac, the court wizard of Fringol.

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After his victory against the evil sorcerer Xern, Myrick the Magnificent relates a new tale where he comes face to face with an iron golem possessed by an evil spirit. Join Myrick as he experiences many surprising twists and turns in his fight against thought-challenged guards, underground beasts, and undead hordes in his quest to save the kingdom of Fringolia from an evil wizard and his pet golem.

Myrick is sure that being a dragon slayer will make all the fair maidens swoon in his presence. What he doesn’t know is that it also makes every dragon in southern Fringolia want to turn him into a tasty snack. In order to save his own life, he must beg forgiveness from the ancient Dragon Sage, but the Sage has his own agenda.

All Myrick wants to do is join the army of Fringolia so that he can slay dragons and rescue princesses. If only it were so easy.The Princess and the Privy

The Crypt of the Undead Sorcerer and Other Vacation Spots

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Released February 2012: Time Gangsters

Billy and his cousin Dannielle discover magical Egyptian coins buried in their bedroom walls. Their summer gets even more interesting when gangsters travel through time from 1927 to steal them back.

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When Jared puts on a mysterious ring a stranger gave him, he ends up summoning an Ogre from the planet Orgrenia. He then goes on a journey through space to discover that the reason we have legends of Elves and Dragons is because several centuries ago they came to Earth in space ships to fight for who should control the planet. The Elves won, but now the Dragons may be returning.

Available in paperback and on Amazon Kindle.