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Book blurb for Tales of Myrick the (Not So) Magnificent, Volume 1

Are you sure you want to be an adventurer?

Believe me, there are plenty of dragons, moronic guards, golems, evil sorcerers, zombies, blood-thirsty plants, undead necromancers, bandits, and troglyns out there who do NOT have your health and happiness in mind. If it weren't for my friends-the squirrel-like Nut-boy, the beautiful yet brawny Princess Frederica, and the ever-loyal but brainless Nonac the barbarian-I wouldn't be alive today to warn you about the many dangers out there. Of course, possessing magic running socks helps a lot, too, even though they seem to get me into trouble as fast as they get me out.

So, I've compiled a few of my life experiences in an effort to convince you, my good friends, to just stay home, lock your doors, and keep a loaded crossbow handy. Oh, and have a barbarian around in case something needs to be thumped senseless.

Starting May 30th, Tales of Myrick the (Not So) Magnificent, Volume 1 is available at Amazon and Big World Network.

Stay tuned each Tuesday for a new, excitingly hilarious episode of your favorite space pirate wannabe.

Wannabe scam artist and space captain Delroy has more to worry about than his outdated butler bot. He falls in love with the female bounty hunter Stella and ends up getting caught by the Yshtari, a race of lobster-like beings. Delroy has to use his skills to save Stella and other prisoners, and also find a way to avert a devastating war with the Yshtari, who are intent on turning the human race into their next meal.

Available at Big World Network and Amazon.

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Released February 2012: Time Gangsters

Billy and his cousin Dannielle discover magical Egyptian coins buried in their bedroom walls. Their summer gets even more interesting when gangsters travel through time from 1927 to steal them back.

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When Jared puts on a mysterious ring a stranger gave him, he ends up summoning an Ogre from the planet Orgrenia. He then goes on a journey through space to discover that the reason we have legends of Elves and Dragons is because several centuries ago they came to Earth in space ships to fight for who should control the planet. The Elves won, but now the Dragons may be returning.

Available in paperback and on Amazon Kindle.